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Environmental management certificate ISO 14001

29. September 2021

Why certify to ISO 14001?

For the sake of people & the environment - because every contribution counts

Since the end of August 2021 it is official: WEZAG receives the environmental management certificate ISO 14001.

Even before certification, various contributions had already been made for the environment. For example we removed plastic components from our product packaging. With our bee colonies, we contribute to maintaining the ecological balance. Also on waste separation & recycling, general careful handling of existing resources or energy saving was already paid attention.

In addition to our legal obligations, we have set ourselves ambitious environmental targets. The focus was and is clearly on reconciling economic action with modern sustainability ideas. Combined with the permanent improvement process, a harmony between climate protection and economic efficiency is possible.

With ISO 14001, we have created comparable standards at the international level. An optimal starting point for expressing WEZAG’s sustainable value chain. Sustainability audits such as the Volkswagen Group’s S rating will be even easier and faster to implement in the future.