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Research project “Smart Crimp”

9. April 2020
S. Schneider

WEZAG receives EU funding

Our vision of a new crimp tool era

Suitable for industry standard 4.0


The digital (r)evolution, now also implemented for crimp tools! Our mission: to minimize the error rate for repairs of wire harnesses and electrical connections to 0 percent! Whether you are a beginner or a crimping professional, worries during processing will soon be a thing of the past. In the future you will be able to make electrical connections, always with the good feeling of having done the required work in perfection.

With our intelligent “Smart Crimp” crimping tool, tradition meets Big Data. A display with various personalization options, controlled by the app via Bluetooth, counter, individual service display and connection to the cloud. Further features that make the crimping process absolutely safe are already in the start-up phase.


Crimping is a mechanical connection technology. The terminal is connected to a conductor in a controlled manner by pressing. Sounds basically very simple, but there are many different requirements to be met. Every connector manufacturer has its own specifications, which the user must implement in order to create a permanent electrical connection. With “Smart Crimp”, all sources that could lead to a faulty crimp are nearly eliminated in the future.

Whether automotive aftersales, aviation, renewable energies or industry, all areas for which “crimping” is a part of daily use will benefit from this development.


This project is supported by the European Union and the State of Hesse with funds from the European Regional Development Fund “efre”.