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Trainings at WEZAG

21. December 2022

Our WEZAG Academy will enter its second phase in 2023.

Individual trainings

online and in presence

The WEZAG Academy came into life in 2019 to pass on expertise in the field of crimping technology in a structured and specific way. The planning started, the concept was presented, …and then Corona came. A much said sentence led to significant changes for us as well.

The training concept was planned to be presence based and online training was an add-on in order to meet the short-term requirements of our customers quickly and efficiently. This changed dramatically in the course of the pandemic.

A recording studio was set up and equipped with the latest streaming technology. The new possibilities for digital formats are excellent and the feedback from customers is positive all across the board. Currently, not only online trainings take place in the studio, but also product photos and customer-specific videos are created, among other things.

The development of the Academy continues to progress as requirements increase and the concept is constantly being adapted, changed and improved. At each stage, we have continuously gained experience.

Each training is customer-specific and for this purpose, in close cooperation with the customer and the key account manager, the requirements for the training are queried and individually prepared in advance.

The training courses carried out covered the entire spectrum of customers. From the dealer, who had his sales staff trained online in the basics of crimping technology, to the OEM, who sent five of his service technicians to Stadtallendorf for a week. There, the technicians were trained in the operation, maintenance and repair of our machines and were able to take away comprehensive knowledge.

The very individual approach to each training course enabled us to identify core topics and translate them into a modular form in the next step.

The year 2023 will kick off the 2nd phase for the Academy. The plans include both online training and face-to-face events. The trainings will be modular and deal with general topics in the field of crimping, product trainings for distributors and customers, as well as special user solutions.

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our events soon.

If you are interested, have any questions or would like to request further information, please feel free to contact us via academy@wezag.de or phone +49 (0) 6428/ 704-167.