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Vacation job & work experience at WEZAG

20. October 2022

Our former intern Alina has summarized wonderfully what an internship or vacation job at WEZAG can look like. Thank you very much for your report.

Internship or vacation job at WEZAG

An experience report

Hey, I’m Alina, 21 years old, and today I’d like to tell you a little bit about my experiences as Intern at WEZAG.

I first got to know WEZAG in 2021 through a three-week vacation job that I did in administration. I was assigned to the head office and took over as a vacation replacement.

My tasks included receiving visitors, answering calls, preparing visits or customer meetings, and supporting activities in sales and for production planning.

Although you don’t get much of the internal company processes and responsibilities of the departments, I was nevertheless given a lot of responsibility and shown great trust, which I really appreciated.

When I had problems or questions, colleagues were immediately available to help me. I am very grateful to have received this support.

I found the working atmosphere within the company very pleasant and the atmosphere among each other is very familiar. This is just one of the reasons that prompted me to complete my internship at WEZAG.

So I returned a year later and spent another five weeks at WEZAG. This time, however, not in the head office, but right in the middle.

I worked in sales, payroll, human resources and marketing. I was challenged with a wide variety of tasks, but also very much encouraged.

Step by step, I was introduced to the company. It took a while, but over time, internal procedures and processes became clearer and easier to understand. I was free to choose the focus of my internship, which meant that it was very much geared to my interests.

I mainly used my creativity in the marketing department and even worked on a presentation for a trade fair. I was always given a lot of freedom.

This showed me once again that it doesn’t always matter much what position you hold in the company: everyone is allowed to contribute ideas here.

During the five weeks of my internship, I learned a lot about complex processes in companies and economic interrelationships and was able to develop myself further. That’s why I perceived the internship as a valuable experience in which I was integrated into the company in the best possible way and got to know many areas of the company better.