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WDT UP 60 with CFM

16. December 2021

Crimp force monitoring is now available for our pneumatic crimping machine UP60

Feel like a new WDT upgrade?

Highest precision, absolutely reliable measured values and perfect crimping results are guaranteed with our electronic crimp force monitoring system UPCFM 608.

What possibilities does this add-on offer you?

  • Manage and operate your devices in a user-friendly way on the 4.3-inch touchscreen display
  • The setup process is easy and quick to complete through order management
  • User management reliably protects your data and parameters
  • Create your live force diagrams even while production is running
  • Load your jobs easily and save time with integrated barcode interface
  • With 8 GB memory you have enough space for data storage, jobs and force curves

For which application area is the electronic crimp force monitoring designed?

This device was developed to meet the highest quality requirements of the wiring system industry. For our compact benchtop crimping machines, only an equally handy system was considered, which can be easily integrated into our UP60. Monitor your crimping processes while production is running. Analyze every single crimp force curve in detail and optimize your processing procedures if necessary. Of course, your measurement results are reliably documented in the process.


Why working with a crimp force monitor is simply better?

Accidentally cut off a few individual strands during stripping? Stripped the insulation of the cable too short or too long for the connector? Just two possibilities that already can cause a bad crimping result! The crimp force monitoring detects all bad connections, and you always have the confidence of an optimal crimping result.

Our UP 60 pneumatic crimping machine with additional crimp force monitoring UPCFM 608 will be available starting January 2022. In addition, all machines already in use can be equipped with this solution.

Interested? Questions? Or only looking for a safe solution for your application? We are happy to help you.