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Be prepared for all kinds of possibilities in the future with our crimp hand tool series CSV 10! Consisting of one basic handle and a tool head that can be exchanged without the use of tools, the CSV 10 series offers the user a large variety of application areas.

In addition to the various open and closed version tool heads, there are options for positioning to obtain the perfect crimping result. The different variations know no limits, so that anything from standard terminals to FAKRA antenna cables to polymer optical fiber is possible!

The crimp hand tool series CSV 10 can even be effortlessly integrated in our crimping machine assortment with the proper adapter. Furthermore, the series CSV 10 satisfies with compact design and light weight. Optimal handling in confined places is guaranteed.

Ensure the highest flexibility possible and even save costs in the process! Our crimp hand tool series CSV 10 makes it possible! With pleasure, we will help you assemble your personal tool kit solution. Please feel free to contact us! 





For an exact application of polymere optical fibers we offer two different tools:

The CSV 10 LWL Cutting Tool MOST or POF

These tools offer three functions to prepare the polymere optical fiber:

A pre-cutting unit (A) at the side of the tool head provides the possibility to cut the cable to the desired length. The integrated stripping unit (B) removes the insulation carefully of the cable. In a seperate working step an exact cut is executed in the precise cutting unit (C), avoiding a breakage of the polymere optical fibre.

The result can be controlled with the help of an optical tester. We will be pleased to deliver it on demand.

Thus the cable is prepared for further application.

The CSV 10 LWL Crimp Tool - MOST or POF

The 4-Indent crimp tool head offers a high precision application of pin and socket.


  • 4-Indent crimp with precise crimp depth
  • exact positioning of pin and socket
  • accurate positioning of fiber optic wire in contact
  • small attenuation losses
  • long-life usage

Tools for the professional repair of antenna cables

With the new WEZAG FAKRA tool system, precise repairs of antenna cables can be made. The expensive exchange of the complete cable harness is no longer necessary. It is being replaced by the new repair system. Repairs of antenna cables can thus be made in a quick and cost-efficient way.

The tool system is built, such that, for each type of cable, two tool heads are available (stripping and crimping). With the stripping tool head, the cable is precisely stripped in 3 steps (outer jacket, shielding and dielectric) to the specific contact length. With the crimping tool head, equipped with a flap locator and linear working system, the contact is crimped in a gastight way on the conductor. The shielding and the contact are tightly connected with a hexagonal crimp.

The FAKRA tooling system offers a reliable and professional production and repair of FAKRA antenna cables.


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