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Digital crimping tools

Become part of the digital (R) evolution. Hand tools as innovative and intelligent as never before!

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CK 130 D

Precise terminal positioning, integrated light source and a display with various options such as service notification and day counter. With our CK130 D, industry and handcraft start into a new digital age 4.0 in the field of tools.

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CK 130 D-CFM

The world's first digital hand tool that makes crimping as process safe as possible for the user. Thanks to integrated crimp force monitoring, crimps are checked in real time and results are documented in a trackable manner.

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Linear crimping tools

meet the highest demands. Smallest tolerances, precise collapse of the crimp profiles, almost no play. The handling, especially for beginners but also professionals, ideal.

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CS 10 Series

compact and discreet, crimping results on the point. With our "CS 10" tool series, for processing a wide variety of connectors from well-known manufacturers such as Micro Timer, Power Timer, MCP, MQS, SLK 2.8, you always have a suitable processing solution at hand.

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Do you want to insert ferrules from the front or from the side? Then simply adapt the wire end ferrule tool to your preferred working position. The 360° adjustable crimping range is flexible to the maximum and allows you to work error-free in all areas of application.


CSV 10 Series

The valued CS 10 system, further developed. Whether standard connector systems, FAKRA antenna cable or light wave processing - our tool series CSV 10 always offers a perfect processing solution for a wide range of applications.

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CS 11

Repair processes, more effective than ever before. Customer-oriented profile combinations, up to 8 cross-sectional areas, with only one crimping die. With our tool series CS 11, your processing wishes will come true!

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CS 30

Optimum crimping results, thanks to double guide system. Maintaining the smallest tolerances, no longer a real challenge. Our CS 30 tool series - quality that works without compromise.

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CS 33

The manual processing of larger cross section ranges up to 50 mm², with our tool series CS 33, still a child's play. 12 kN crimping force, manual force reduced by 20 percent, the perfect alternative to a more cost-intensive machine-based application solution!

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CS 40

If a little more power is needed, then our CS 40 tool series is exactly the right choice. The manual processing of cross-sectional areas up to 120 mm² is possible without any problems.

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Indent crimping tools

The only right choice! Not only for the processing of round connectors. Perfect interaction of the individual crimp jaws, in the right place at the right time, always guarantees an optimum crimping result.

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CS 8

for the processing of turned pin and socket contacts in symmetrical 8-Indent technology.

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AE 0816

Another absolute highlight from our range of ferrule pliers! For wire end sleeves with and without insulating collar according to DIN 46228 | EN 50027. Precise hexagonal crimp over the entire sleeve length. Thanks to the swivel positioner, even smaller cross-sections can now be processed easily, quickly and safely.

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CSV 10-LWL Series

another complete repair solution based on the flexible tool system CSV 10, the ideal addition for the after sales area.

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Scissor-action crimping tools

perfect for use in the service sector. Extremely versatile, handy and not only suitable for places that are difficult to access, such as narrow control cabinets.

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CK 100 K Series

Whether as standard basic tool with different crimp inserts, as KS version with quick-change system or equipped with additional cutting and stripping unit - our CK 100 K series leaves almost nothing to be desired.

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Stripping Tools

robust and durable. Equipped with some features that make cable processing a real pleasure. Whether cutting or stripping, you work almost without fatigue.

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Cable BST

for stripping fine-stranded and solid conductors with PVC insulation from 0.03 to 16.0 mm². A variety of different functions offer maximum application comfort with best cutting & stripping results.

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MW Abisolierer

So small and yet so big. The MW stripper, for stripping fine and solid conductors with PVC insulation from 0.13 to 0.17 mm² | 0.22 to 0.5 mm².

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Cutting Tools

for work in the electrical installation simply indispensable. High quality cable cutters with perfect power transmission and optimal cutting results.

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SH Series

Our cable cutter series SH - step-by-step cutting, burr-free and without crushing. Maximum durability and service life.

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Extraction tool

Cable processing made easy. For wire harness modifications, the most efficient, cost-effective and fastest solution. Precise, damage-free unlocking of a connector from the contact housing, whether reworking or repairs at the OEM or aftermarket.

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