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Electro-pneumatic crimping machines

combine pneumatics and electronics into a single unit. This means that motion sequences can not only be effectively controlled, they can also be monitored. Thanks to network capability, upstream and downstream cable processing machines can be easily integrated into the manufacturing process if required.

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Pneumatic crimping machines

known as a popular processing solution for single contacts under the strong manufacturer brand WDT. Ideal for small and medium series. Real power houses, but still compact. Cost-effective, flexible, efficient and quickly integrated into any cable assembly.

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UP 14

Our UP 14 series, convincing all along the line! With a well-balanced price-performance ratio and a multitude of amenities, far beyond the standard.

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UP 35 | SSC

The UP 35 | SSC series, popular with users for decades! It combines highest quality requirements, versatility and the smallest space requirement.

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UP 60

With a crimp force of 60 kN, the UP 60 is our most powerful pneumatic crimping machine and therefore ideally suited for processing electronic terminals up to 120 mm┬▓.

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Hydraulic crimping machines

absolutely stable in the manufacturing process. Productive and inspiring! Manual benchtop crimpers for wire processing of loose connectors. With even more power and intelligent quality monitoring. Ideal for the production of small and medium series. For use in industry and cable assembly.

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UP 65

Our UP 65 - space-saving, quiet and ideal for long-term industrial use. With this hydraulic table top crimping machine the single terminal processing possibilities are almost unlimited.

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UP 150

With a crimping force of 150 kN, our UP 150 is particularly suitable for processing large cross-sectional areas such as battery cables. The table-top machine is a true space-saving miracle, extremely quiet and will certainly optimise your production process.

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Electric crimping machines

reliable, valued and ready for use anywhere! Electrical tabletop devices create crimp connections in a fraction of the time. The alternative to manual production. Whether for home work, trade or industry, ideally suited for solderless cable connection technology.

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Electro-pneumatic crimping machines
Pneumatic crimping machines
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