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Handtool or crimping machine

21. July 2023

When is the right time to change?

At what point does it actually pay off to switch from a hand tool to a machine crimping solution? This topic is actually not so easy to answer and depends on a wide variety of factors. However, when we are asked this question in a customer meeting, these are the points to be considered for oneself:

  • How many connectors are crimped per day on average? Do you crimp more than 50?
  • What cross-sections do I want to process? Are they larger than 2.5 mm²?
  • Can the cable lengths I want to process be planned?
  • Do I often process the same crimp terminals?
  • Or do I want to be able to produce a high variety of wire harnesses? Usually more than 5.

If you answer these questions with yes, the purchase of a crimping machine may already be the right solution for you.

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