Your brand, your wish, your tool

25. March 2024

Innovation, Individuality, Precision - Made in Germany.

Our private label strategy for your tool range!

Are you searching for hand tools for your brand that are not only powerful but also distinctive? Then you’re in the right place!

We exclusively offer Private Label products that give you a clear competitive edge. Why? Because we are not in competition with you! And thus, you have the opportunity to offer products that not everyone has.



Our hand tools excel in various applications of cable processing:

Cutting: Precise cuts for top results.

Stripping: Easy removal of insulation material for efficient work.

Unlocking: Reliable release of connectors and housings.

Crimping: Perfect crimp connections for a secure hold.

… all “Made in Germany”.


Interested in adding our innovative hand tools to your range?

We are happy to provide further information.