Your companion in stripping: The Cable BST

3. April 2024

Compact, precise, durable.

The ultimate solution for you and your customers

Our Cable BST is no ordinary tool, but an innovation that makes every electrician’s daily work much easier.


✅Function and comfort in one: POWERPLUS function, length positioner up to 21 mm, and an ergonomic shape. – It doesn’t get any better than this!

✅Simple and efficient: This tool covers everything from 0.03 to 16.0 mm² and has interchangeable stripping blades. – Just as it should be!

✅Indestructible: The Cable BST lasts three times longer in comparison. This gives you a robust companion by your side!


Notice the difference! The Cable BST is the perfect addition to your tool collection.

You will love it. Just like your customers.