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WDT relies on Industry 4.0

8. April 2024

Discover the success story of WDT: Integration of UP 150 machines into an MES system for the production of HV cable harnesses.

The UP 150 is ready for the future

The UP 150 Hydraulic Crimping machine is ready for the future. WEZAG GmbH & Co. KG is proud that together with an Automotive OEM we successfully integrated several UP 150 machines in their MES system.

The wire processing machines are now part of the production of HV wire harnesses where traceability is a must. We use Profinet for the Control commands of the machine and FTP to transfer the Process data like CFM via our newly developed gateway.

Please feel free to contact us once you also need a solution to integrate a Loose piece HV Crimping machine in your MES.