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WEZAG supports the future heroes

20. February 2024

A great day for the volunteer children's fire brigade Stadtallendorf!

A new training vehicle for the fire department's junior members!

We at WEZAG are proud to support the young firefighters of the volunteer fire brigade of Stadtallendorf as part of a group of sponsors with a brand-new training vehicle! The training vehicle was built by experts from the region with valuable craftsmanship.

Practice makes perfect! Through our support of the children’s fire brigade, we can contribute at least a small part to early awareness of safety topics such as fire prevention, responsible handling of hazards, and practicing teamwork – skills that are important in everyday life and can save lives!


Why do we, as WEZAG, support the young firefighters?

✅ With a focus on precision and durability, we know how essential safety and technical know-how are. That’s exactly where we come in!

✅ Promoting young talent is crucial – because those who practice early save lives later!

✅ The little heroes learn early on that courage, team spirit, and determination can change everything!


They are part of a promising team! This not only strengthens the sense of community but also conveys the importance of topics with social responsibility and voluntary commitment.

They are definitely already fired up and training, so that everyone knows what to do in an emergency.