Who is WEZAG?

16. February 2024

We are problem solvers, private label partners, hand tool innovators, and much more...

Problem solver for over 75 years!

For over 75 years, we have been supporting our customers as a technical problem solver for crimping and wire processing applications and actively shaping the future in the mobility and industrial sectors.

Our role in this? We are…

✅ … your private label powerhouse for your brand.

✅ … your hidden champion for your innovative ideas.

✅ … your innovator for your complex crimping solutions.

✅ … your engineer for customization and creativity.

✅ … your enabler for your success.

We don’t just rely on the promise of quality “Made in Germany”. We actively fight against the excessive consumption of resources and focus on the uniqueness of our products and our team. Quality and progress are not just empty words for us, but an essential part of our corporate philosophy.

Our mission is to shape a unique and secure future through creativity and responsibility.

Be a part of it!