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Research project “SPOT”

12. August 2021

The complete application video about this topic

How to repair vehicles in the future

To sustainably reduce CO2 emissions, the share of electric vehicles will continue to rise. Repair processes in these passenger cars are becoming increasingly complex due to increasing networks and digitalization. The necessary documentation requirements already play a significant role in this.

Process-safe repair as well as safety in high-voltage technology and the associated higher voltage ranges and contacting are just a few topics for which innovative solutions are needed.

That is why WEZAG is already dealing with the future of tomorrow today:



We have developed the world’s first digital crimping tool with integrated crimp force monitoring (CFM).  The crimping result is immediately validated in the tool by an algorithm and evaluated as good or bad. The result can be stored in a cloud via an app.

With this contribution, we not only want to make safety-relevant cable connections in vehicle repairs as process-safe as possible, but also further increase the acceptance of pure electric cars (BEV’s). Because ambitious climate goals can only be achieved together.